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PROVEN & PROBABLE is officially and proud to have a partnership with MILES FRANKLIN Precious Metals Investments ( We formed this partnership based on the following for you and your family. The following are 11 reasons we are honored to have your business:

1) Our primary focus is to ensure that you become a financial steward by protecting your wealth legacy through precious metals for your most precious commodity your family.

2) We take this responsibility with the highest trust, obligation, and confidentiality.

3) We wanted to provide you and your family the ability to procure physical Gold, Silver, Platinum, & Palladium (not paper or certificated instruments)

4) You will be treated with the same respect whether you purchase 1 ounce or 1 million ounces.  You are valued and respected.

5) Your precious metals will be delivered to your desired location personal residence and or storage (see #6)

6) We wanted to provide you and your family with Geographical Diversification offering Segregated & Allocated Storage through BRINKS.

7) We wanted to provide you and your family with an opportunity to own an IRA that is backed by Precious Metals and is redeemable to you and your family at any time should you need to liquidate.

8) We wanted to offer you and your family the ability to also buy and sell your Precious Metals to someone I trust and you can trust in the most economically efficient and effective manner.

9) *YOU WILL NOT BE OFFERED NUMISMATIC OR RARE COINS WHEN YOU CALL FOR BULLION*.  This was paramount in our decision as we do enjoy the art of numismatic at PROVEN & PROBABLE we believe in stewardship of bullion (precious metals) and if you trust in us then you will be able to trust that MILES FRANKLIN Precious Metals Investments will listen to your individual needs and ensure the most satisfying and rewarding purchasing experience.

10) Myself and all employees at MILES FRANKLIN  Precious Metals Investments are licensed by the State of Minnesota and have to pass a criminal background check annually

11) Here is why we believe you will be honored to trust and conduct your precious metals needs with MILES FRANKLIN Precious Metals Investments:

Over 27 Years of Outstanding Product and Customer Support

Over $5 Billion in Sales

Zero customer complaints, that’s correct NEVER

Registered with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU (BBB)

A+ rated with BBB

To schedule an appointment to learn more contact me Maurice Jackson at {Subject Line: Precious Metals}

It is my honor to have earned your trust.

Maurice Jackson


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